Mon., April. 21st
Dyngus Day!



Read this!!:

In the blustery winter of January, 2005 a WILDMAN was born...

With the help of Billy Scanlon of The Happy Dog Tavern, Dj Kishka pulled himself up out of an old pile of musty Polka 45's, armed himself with one turntable, donned his fake beard and fedora, put a feather in his cap and rallied the five people at the bar to tap their feet to POLKAS!!!

A true purveyor of the old-school polka records of the 1950-60's, Dj Kishka has
since become voted Scene Magazine's Best Club Dj 2010...
Bringing Polish, Slovenian and the occasional "Mexican Hat Dance" into his shows
that have been sold out for the past 2 years!!!

Dj Kishka resides mainly at the Happy Dog Tavern once a month
but has been known to play Buffalo as well as many other
Polish nooks and crannies...playing for everyone from kids to grannies!!!

The disc jockey inside the Happy Dog bar in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood has pumped up the crowd of mostly 20- and 30-somethings with a dose of melodies that are quintessential Cleveland. He's not playing hip-hop, country or even rock 'n' roll, the city's claim to fame. Rather, DJ Kishka, his boyish face accented by a feathered fedora and a corny fake beard, is spinning vintage polka records. He's rolling out the barrel, and he's definitely got the blues on the run. " Nostrovia," he says to me and my friend Amy as we saunter past the bar's stage. "Welcome to Polka Happy Hour." -Wendy Pramick, Columbus Dispatch